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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Web development: We are experts on Drupal and Wordpress, CsCart, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Front-end Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript), AngularJS, ReactJS, Ext JS. For custom and Enterprise solutions we are mostly focused on top of Java, Scala, .Net, Python, Django, Big Data, OpenCV
  • We are targeting high value added development by applying state of the art technologies in the fields of AI, HPC, Computational Mathematics, and modeling. We are expert in AWS Platform and technologies for cloud infrastructure managing.
  • Other technologies part of our knowledge area: Mongo, SQL, Dynamodb, ElasticSearch, Cloud Search, Alexa Voice Services & Skills, Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, NLP), Node JS, Linux, Application Security, Distributed Software, ETL development, Crawling / Scraping.
  • We provide QA services by using manual and automated test.

Can I travel to Cuba?

Yes and we’d love for you to come to Cuba and meet the team. We organize annual client trips. We hope you can join us on the next one.


Projects and tasks are always estimated by a development lead and a fixed fee estimate is given to the client for approval prior to the work starting. Staffing subject matter experts with skills like Machine Learning, NLP, Big Data, Senior AWS architects, Blockchain are the higher rates.

Is there a fee to join?

No. If you want to join us, you're just welcomed!

How do I track my project?

Nice and easy, once in the platform you can go to the Development view and there you will find a kanban view, a Burndown Chart and a project history that will provide all the information about your project.

Is my credit card information secure?

Absolutely, our clients savety is priority for us. We use Stripe elements to implement that function and we don't keep any data from the user credit card

How can I submit a ticket?

First click on the Submit ticket button. Fill the information required and you can also upload a document if you have the issue in a script. Then you just need to click on t he Save button to complete the action.